Innovat Diet is a leading manufacturer of nutritional and health related products and supplements. We are official authorized manufacturer for Innovat Diet and Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition products in India across all channels.

Innovat Diet is appointed as an authorized supplier for Ultimate Nutrition products in India.

Innovat Diet is a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements and skin enhancing products. Our products are intended for those who desire to be proactive in their fitness and health experience, and take responsibility for their own state of wellness. Many of our products cater to athletes however our products are designed to benefit anyone, no matter what their fitness level may be. Innovat Diet is simply for those who want “the best a body can get.”

Every product in our line is well researched by our qualified team of professionals on staff, and formulated with the finest of ingredients. Before any Innovat Diet product is added to the line, it is tried, tested, and found to be effective. Adherence to sports science-based research is imperative. Innovat Diet is never extraneous or speculative in its endeavors.

The whole team works for one common goal: to make Duke Sports an industry leader in quality, efficacy, and purity. This result is not to be achieved by cutting corners; attention to every detail is respected as we are constantly expanding our spectrum of products.

Our research department works vigilantly to generate new formulas designed to counteract the breakdown of the human body and procure healthy solutions for complete wellness. Innovation is a perpetual focus, and we have only just begun. Innovat Diet takes pride in the quest to generate world-class products for our consumers.

  • Delivering a product which truly is “the best a body can get.”
  • Tried and true formulas which are sports science-based
  • Quality, efficacy, and purity

Constantly innovating, Innovat Diet is proud to serve the fitness enthusiast, athlete, and sports aficionado at any level. We guarantee to provide you with the best a body can get!