24 g Protein Per Serving


01 g FAT Per Serving

360 KCL Per Serving

1 kg-3299/- | 2 kg-5299/- (15% Discount on MRP)


Whey Protein is putting on size requires a balance of heavy training and quality nutrition. Because everybody is little different, few have a tough time packing on muscle than others. Whey Protein is a high-protein formula delivering calories that count during recovery. Each shake provides ample supplemental protein, carbohydrates & Minerals. Whey Protein can be used as your post-workout recovery shake or high-protein meal between meals. To help meet the recovery needs of elite athletes and goal-drive weight lifters, we developed this stack of superior quality proteins with naturally occurring EAAS, BCAAS, and Argentine, Creatine monohydrate, Glutamic acid and Minerals.